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Ooh you’re so hot…Jeremy Scott!


Moschino and Jeremy Scott is a fashionista’s wet dream-come-true! Moschino has undergone a supersized transformation with Scott at the helm; we have witnessed a revival of the brasher, more in-your-face Moschino of the early 90’s, when it was under the creative leadership of its founder, Franco Moschino. Franco Moschino left an unforgettable mark on fashion history and although no longer with us, his sense of irony, his playfulness, individuality and genius are being brought back to life through Jeremy Scott.


Moschino had until recently sort of faded into the background but since the appointment of Jeremy Scott it has sky rocketed from ‘mos-key-no who?’ To ‘MOSCHINO OBVS’ practically overnight. Jeremy Scott has long been a favourite of mine, from his iconic teddy bear trainers to coca-cola dresses and brilliant slogans, he is everything I love about fashion; kitsch and cool in equal measures! His ability to provoke, challenge and shock through his designs made him the perfect choice to lead Moschino out of their financial and creative stagnation.

Moschino Moschino Moschino    Moschino

The McDonalds pastiche in his first collection for Moschino was brilliant – I had been championing this idea for years, fashioning bras out of McDonalds cups at one point…but who would’ve thought they’d make a good handbag…utter genius! Those golden arches that are so synonymous with our consumerist brand driven culture are a statement of hyperreal proportions. He is not just playing because he can but he is deliberately laughing at the materialistic and consumption driven world of fashion – even using Barbie as his muse for his latest collection. (See Barbie’s don’t grow on trees). He is bringing back the irony that made Moschino what it was from the outset, making him a post-modern icon of the fashion world.

Moschino Moschino  Moschino Moschino

It was about time the muscles in the faces of the FROW learnt how to smile again. Why does fashion have to be so serious? And why does everyone take themselves so seriously? Come on let’s all laugh at the whole farce that is the fickle world of fashion and WEAR MOSCHINO!!

Dress: Moschino Necklace: Miu Miu 

Photography By Ben Sage 





I cannot rest, I cannot rest

In straight and shiny wood,

My woven hands upon my breast–

The dead are all so good!

Ophelia by John Everett Millais

Ophelia by John Everett Millais

The earth is cool across their eyes;

They lie there quietly.

But I am neither old nor wise;

They do not welcome me.


Where never I walked alone before,

I wander in the weeds;

And people scream and bar the door,

And rattle at their beads.


We cannot rest, we never rest

Within a narrow bed

Who still must love the living best–

Who hate the pompous dead!

Alexandre Cabanel Ophelia Painting

Ophelia by Alexandre Cabanel


Words from The White Lady by Dorothy Parker

My Rebellion Against Normcore



New York trend forecasting agency K-Hole coined the term ‘normcore’ last year but I think they must’ve been in a k-hole at the time or rather wish they were in one now. The term is supposed to signify a ‘move away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity that opts into sameness’ but it has become exactly what it is supposed to be rejecting, especially within fashion where people are deliberately dressing #normcore!! That is not the point. Surely having items that are a sort of normcore uniform (beanie hat, straight leg Mum jeans and trainers) is actually going against what the initial idea of normcore was, which was for people to just be themselves without trying too hard to be cool.

Normcore is stupid and needs to be stopped in its tracks before it spirals out of control and we accidentally put the old woman from down the street in the ‘style hunter’ pages of Grazia because she is wearing the same black roll-neck and jeans that she has worn every winter since the 80s. This whole idea has probably forced Anna Della Russo’s frown to break through her Botox!

Normcore has lost its intended meaning, it’s not a thing, a fashion movement or even a trend…it’s nothing! Since when has anyone actually gone to the effort of looking as if they have made no effort? It seems pretty pointless to me to actually consciously decide to look, ergh…can’t even bring myself to say the word… normal. Why would anyone want to be normal?!

Its a bit like sitting on the fence, its just not very confortable. Or actually could this be what its all about? Comfort? Comfort clothing! A rejection of the imposed fashion trends and the innate desire to be cool and make a statement that has exhausted us for so long now, that we just yearn to just pull on a pair of jeans and an unbranded t-shirt because we don’t care anymore.

But surely all of us do this anyway? Either you’ve dressed up to go out and make a fashion statement or you’ve just popped out to get a pint of milk. You cannot tell me that my corner shop look is actually a normcore fashion statement.

Normcore shouldn’t be a fashion trend and it shouldn’t be photographed as a street style revolution because as far as I know it’s always been around. Have we really run out of new trends to discuss that we are looking to make boringness a thing?

Ok rant over. Now please join me in my rebellion against normcore.

By following my 7 glitter-coated fashion rules…

Rule Number 1: Too Much is Not Enough

Rule #1

Hat by Twinks Burnett*, Clutch: Mawi, Dress: Vintage, Platforms: Topshop

Rule Number 2: When in Doubt Add Another Accessory

Rule #2

Dress: Topshop Unique, Clutch: Mawi, Sequin bag: Reiss, Handbag: Prada, Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana, Headband: Topshop, Earrings: made by Me!

Rule Number 3: Always be Weather Appropriate 

rule #3

For when it rains…Jelly Shoes: Sophia Webster, Mac: Maxmara, Umbrella: Iva

rule #3

And for when the sun comes out…Hat: Malene Birger, Swimsuit: Vintage M&S, Hi-Tops: Manoush


Rule Number 4: Colour Block Rocks

rule #4

Top: Topshop, Trousers: Sportmax, Sunglasses: Joke Shop

Rule Number 5: Be Occasion Themed 

So when you are going to play tennis, make sure everyone knows you are going to play tennis.

rule #5

Top: Topshop, Skirt: River Island, Trainers: Nike

And when you are going to a funeral, make sure everyone knows you are going to a funeral!

rule #5

Hat: Joan Biggs, Dress: Asos, Shoes: Bally

Rule Number 6: Always Buy Easy to Match Accessories

rule #6

Dress and Matching Backpack: HORACE, Sandals: Shakuhachi

Rule Number 7: A Hat Fixes Everything!

rule #7

Hat by Twinks Burnett*, Dress: Roberto Cavalli, Trainers: Nike


*Check out the amazing Twinks Burnett at www.twinksburnett.com


Assault on the Senses


The rich tapestry of colours adorning every surface, the pungent/smoky aromas filling the streets, and the eerie call to prayer that reverberates through the air over the murmur of motorcycles, leaves one utterly enchanted.

There is mystique in the air making one feel transported to another world; a world of rich Sultans, Soothsayers and Snake Charmers, where women glide through narrow streets to Malhun melodies and the hullabaloo of the sellers in the souks.  And with the sumptuous smell of spices diffusing through the hazy atmosphere, Marrakech hypnotises one and all. marrakech marrakech marrakech


marrakech Dress: Vintage Maxmara, Necklace: Roberto Cavalli, Clutch: Chloe, Sandals: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton

marrakech marrakech marrakech


Dress: Vintage, Clutch: Chloe, Sandals: Louis Vuitton


Just Listening to the Wind Blow


giambattista valli giambattista valli

giambattista valli giambattista valli giambattista valli

giambattista valli giambattista valli giambattista valli giambattista valli giambattista valli giambattista valliTulle Occasion Gown: Giambattista Valli Couture from www.matchesfashion.com , Shoes: Prada 

Photographer: Ben Sage www.bensage.blogspot.co.uk

Fur real…or not?


When I stepped out of my apartment this weekend in this fun new outfit I wasn’t quite sure what article would accompany my photos. That was until I was forced to use the side entrance of Harvey Nichols for fear of being attacked by the anti-fur protesters that had hijacked the main entrance.  Although it may have appeared that poor Sulley from “Monsters Inc” had been skinned alive to adorn me in my spectacular snood it was in fact a poor fox that given up its fur for my fashion fulfilment. So this got me thinking about the issue of fur in fashion and how I haven’t really thought about it or the ethical issues surrounding it for quite sometime.

There was a time in England when people wouldn’t dare to go out dressed in fur without fear of being splattered with paint or shamed by looks of disapproval, but now it would seem that fur has become more acceptable and increasingly popular.  The A/W 2013 catwalks had nearly 70% of collections featuring fur and at Fendi all looks featured fur. This is a far cry from what was happening 16 years ago in 1994, when fur was neither morally nor aesthetically fashionable. At the time some of the most prominent figures in the fashion industry were involved in the campaign “I Would Rather go Naked than Wear Fur”…something I still believe in, not because I’m opposed to wearing fur but because I’m secretly a nudist!



Whilst it would appear that public opinion regarding fur has changed, so have many of the cruel practices that the fur industry was long associated with. The fur industry is now committed to the humane and responsible treatment of animals and is very highly regulated at local, national and international levels.  Animals are killed humanely. There is no conclusive evidence that animals are skinned alive as part of the fur industry (despite the PETA videos). Instead, animals are killed via carbon monoxide in a low stress environment. All parts of the animal are then used, often as pet food or other animal feed so no part of the animal is wasted. Wild animals, which are trapped, are also highly regulated, with strict seasonal rules in place and it is also worth pointing out that no endangered animals are ever hunted.

And some people take the view that fur is better for the planet as it is biodegradable and a sustainable resource that is more environmentally sound than faux fur alternatives, most of which are made from petrochemicals which are a non-renewable resource that cannot breakdown in a landfill.

But don't trees have feelings too?

But don’t trees have feelings too?

However given all these positives it cannot be denied that in some places, namely China, barbaric slaughtering systems do still exist. Researching this article has opened my eyes to some really horrific practices that occur in order to provide us with fur, and I have found it very difficult to watch most of PETA’s videos. However, one video, even though it still made for harrowing viewing, presented a more logical viewpoint – this one below by Tim Gunn (Project Runway)…be warned it contains some pretty graphic images.

But I feel this video is important to watch as it gets people thinking about how animal products are sourced, and not just fur; leather and even wool are not ethically virtuous either. The meat industry is also guilty of horribly mistreating animals and for a long time now I have refused to buy cheap supermarket battery chicken in favour of free range instead. But am I a hypocrite if I admit to enjoying the odd Big Mac from time to time?

fur3 fur6

So considering all points I have been left in somewhat of a moral muddle as to my view on fur. But I have come to the conclusion that unless you are a fully-fledged vegan who doesn’t consume any animal products then you have no right to brand someone who wears fur an animal killer. What is important is that we as consumers must be less ignorant when buying fur, and all animal products for that matter and recognise the products’ true origins.

Fox-Fur Snood: Hockley, Jumper: ALC, Trousers: Sandro, Jacket: Saint Laurent, Handbag: Burberry, Necklace: Escada, Sunglasses: Shakuhachi

Also please note : All furs at Hockley are ethically farmed following strict governmental guidelines. All of the garments feature a swing tag which will explain to the customer where and how the fur was farmed and sourced, so that they can be confident that no animals suffered in the making of their garment.

Cinderella Lost


On Christmas night last Cinderella went to the most marvellous ball. After nibbling away at some mushroom canapé, she found herself high as a kite, and hence began her decline and fall.

She began to dance…and danced all night and still she begged for more. She twirled and span as her mind led her away. Until eventually she fell out of the ball and rolled onto the floor …Haha she couldn’t have liked it more! She forsook her shoes and commenced to roam in delusional disarray… cinderellacinderella1cinderella2 cinderella5cinderella8cinderella9cinderella7Vintage ballgown courtesy of my mother.

Bye Bye, Winter Blues!


That wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us, the magical time of year when people bring me lots of presents and my alcohol consumption is considered close to the norm for once. So I thought I would try to lighten the news that we are not having snow this Christmas (AGAIN) by rewriting a famous festive jingle to suit my (not very appropriate for) winter pastel outfits.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But my legs are so delightful
And since I’ve got my thermals on
Let Them Show! Let Them Show! Let Them Show!!

Cream and Blue Jumper: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Brogues: Churches, Fur Headband: Andre, Clutch: PradaJump

Replacing winter blues with pastel blues!!! Jump for my love…jump in and feel my touch!!

Pink and Mint  Coat: Maxmara, Jumper: Oxfam, Skirt: Topshop, Brogues: Churches, Fur Headband: Andre, Clutch: PradaTurquoise and White Jumper: Oxfam, Skirt: Zara, Brogues: Churches, Fur Headband: Andre, Clutch: Prada obvs. 

Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop


Meadham Kirchhoff and Topshop is a match made in fashion heaven, and for this, their fourth collaboration the stars must have aligned for me. As I stumbled out of the tube station at Oxford Circus the beacon “Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop” stared right back at me in bright shiny letters. I don’t know how, but the bubble that I normally live in had somehow grown thicker, and I’d managed to completely miss the fact this collaboration was happening once again.

meadham kirchhoff topshop

meadham kirchhoff topshop

But this time I saw the collection on the first day when there were still most of the sizes remaining (well except the shoes) and actually make my own decision as to what to buy rather than just the leftover dregs that no one else wants. I opted more for the ‘My Little Pony’ inspired pieces reminding me of Japanese Lolita fashion. Although I would have loved to have taken many of the other pieces away with me, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much just for next years festival suit – amazing as it would be!

meadham kirchhoff topshopmeadham kirchhoff topshop Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

For this little photoshoot adventure I found myself in the wonderful land that is M&Ms World, Leicester Square www.mmsworld.com

All clothing Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop  Shoes Irregular Choice