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Sunken Dreams


sunken dreams

Free man, you will always cherish the sea!

The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul

In the infinite unrolling of its billows;

Your mind is an abyss that is no less bitter.

sunken dreams

You like to plunge into the bosom of your image;

You embrace it with eyes and arms, and your heart

Is distracted at times from its own clamoring

By the sound of this plaint, wild and untamable.

sunken dreams

Both of you are gloomy and reticent:

Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being;

O Sea, no person knows your most hidden riches,

So zealously do you keep your secrets!

sunken dreams

Yet for countless ages you have fought each other

Without pity, without remorse,

So fiercely do you love carnage and death,

O eternal fighters, implacable brothers!

sunken dreams

sunken dreams

Poem: Man and the Sea – by Charles Baudelaire

Photos brought to pass in collaboration with Chris Gilbert.  


Mono-brow Now


Frida Kahlo is as far as I know the only person who has successfully championed the mono-brow, but I think things should change. It’s a fierce, futuristic look that I stumbled upon by chance when I got a little carried away with my eyebrow pencil one evening. I mean this is 2014 for heavens sake…aren’t we all supposed to be zipping about in space-pods and have robotic maids?!  So come on let’s experiment a little and start new trends instead of always looking to the past for reference. Join my crusade to make mono-brows the next big thing!! And if this catches on then I’m going to dye my hair blue too.



MonobrowMonobrowMonobrowMonobrowMonobrowPhotography by Ben Sage www.bensage.blogspot.co.uk