Outré: Eveningwear

For outré I have been inspired by the art of Gillian Wearing, which really makes us think about the separation of our public and private lives and the inherent duality of individuals.  This links to my other major inspiration, the film Mulholland Drive, in which all the characters are dealing with a question of identity. The red velvet stage curtains (club silencio) have a major significance, because we as an audience never know what is happening behind them, in the same way that we try to conceal our private from our public lives. They act metaphorically as the veil of normality we wear as we go about our daily lives. However now as our lives become more and more public with the explosion of social networking and surveillance, the boundary between the public and personal is beginning to erode, forcing us to try even harder to keep our private lives private.

One could say that the overriding theme is “Escapism”. We as individuals want to have something kept as our ‘dirty little secret’ so that we can fully enjoy the thrills of it away from the mundane day-to-day. This is the main reason for the popularity of debauched fetish clubs, fueled by sex and drugs, in major financial cities such as London, Berlin and New York. This need to be a part of something secretive and disconnected from reality, this desire to indulge in pure lustful hedonism at the weekends is actually what is keeping us sane.

Chloë has a unique, eccentric and curiously sexy style…making her an ideal muse.

The silhouette is long, fluid and sexy, with a low bust line rather than hem-line, in order to keep it elegant for the evening.  There will be a particular prominence given to capes.

An intense palette of black, gold, reds and petrol blues.

Print ideas came from lace and feathers.

All the fabrics you would expect to find for eveningwear but with a new emphasis on velvet.

Look 1

Look 2


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