Photoshoot from Lula magazine

This shoot really captures the mood of the migration theme. It’s all about serenity, innocence and a return to nature.

Other mood setting images

Me in a traditional Romanian dress from the 1960’s


Juliana Romano

The melancholic atmosphere of her paintings illustrate the mood of the migration theme. The colours and textures in her work are also a great source of inspiration.

“Drawing is like dancing or playing an instrument – it feels weird at first and then all of a sudden tour body just takes over” – Juliana Romano

Folk Art Illustrations

The bright colours and eerie mood of these illustrations lend themselves well to my take on the migration theme.


A Forest Story illustrated by Rudolf Mates



The Cock and Hen illustrated by Rudolf Mates



Illustration from an Estonian children’s book


Illustrations from ‘The Sun has Fallen in the Sack’ by Elzbieta Gaudasinska (Poland 1975)


Illustrations from the book ‘Old French Fairy Tales’ by Virginia Frances Sterrett (1920)


Illustrations by Harry Clarke


Illustrations from a Polish Children’s book


Etchings by Atilla Sassy for Opium Dreams (1909)

Exploration of Eastern European Folk Art

Hungarian Folk Art

Alice McCall

Alice McCall directly referenced the folk art of Hungary for her spring/summer 2012 collection.


Slovakian Folk Art

Girl on Oxford street wearing Slovakian slippers made by her grandmother.


Pip Studio 

Dutch home accessories company PiP Studio is a fresh take on folk art style..


Romanian Folk Art and Crafts

Me dressed in handmade traditional Romanian clothes.



Macrame is a traditional Romanian folk craft.

The table cloth above was made by my grandmother.


Catwalk Interpretations


Dior spring/summer 2011


Ferragamo spring/summer 2011


Gucci spring/summer 2010


Mother in the 70’s 

These are some photos of my mother who was brought up in Romania in the 1970’s.

The bohemian, folksy feel from the photos of my mother in the 70’s have made me consider a 70’s style silhouette.

Chloé in the 1970’s

The photos above led me to look at 70’s boho fashion and in particular Chloé when Karl Lagerfeld was at the helm.

Chloé revisited the 70’s in the f/w 2010 collection


Street Style 


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