Migration: Womenswear

Migration is all about a return to the traditional artisanal crafts of the world and a slower more considered way of life.

Going back to really having an appreciation for the details and quality of handcrafted items, in our mass-produced, consumerist western society.

I looked mainly at the peasant crafts and folk art of Eastern Europe, as it is a plethora of colour and texture.

I want to use a silhouette reminiscent of Chloé in the 70’s, which will create a bohemian, yet elegant feel. Flowing dresses and long outerwear made up of damask and brocade (or other upholstery fabrics) will encapsulate the theme well.

Brightly coloured folk art design trimmings will give a good feel for daywear, illuminating an otherwise sombre palette of browns, ochres and other earthy tones.

Prints have been inspired by folk art illustrations as well as tapestries.

Fabrics will be a mix of upholstery fabrics like brocade and damask as well as other highly textured materials such as crushed velvets and wools.


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