Marvel: Teenage Market

For marvel I have based my work on the creativity and uninhibited fun harnessed in the subconscious mind of a child. The main inspiration came from the Beatles song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” which contrary to popular belief is not about LSD, the drug, but is actually about a painting made by John Lennon’s son of a little girl called Lucy.

The surreal imagery the song conjures up made me think of the 5-year-old artist Aelita Andre, exhibiting at the Agora gallery in New York later this year, who uses an accidentalist approach to her paintings. Accidentalist art, such as that of Andre Masson, is normally only achieved through lack of sleep, deprivation of food and also the use of drugs to free yourself from rational control and get closer to the subconscious mind – a state in which children ‘naturally’ operate in without the need for any stimulants.

Therefore all the images I have used help us to step inside this playful, surreal world, that is the mind of a child.

Paloma’s unique fun, quirky and surreal style makes her the ideal muse for “Marvel”

The 1960’s provide the perfect silhouette. In particular the A-line shift style mini-dress, as championed by Mary Quant in the mid-sixties.

The colours will be a palette of brights intermingled with softer hazy pastels – straight out of a sweet shop!

Print ideas have come from experiments with marbling inks to create a psychedelic look. Also photographs of crystals and iridescent tiles have been distorted to create an illusory effect.

Fabrics will be a mix of varying textures and embellishments. Glitter and crystal beading will be key as well as fluffy textures to encapsulate the bizarre mood of “marvel”.

Look 1

Look 2


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