Free Hugs


Whilst tiny fibres of pink fluff now besprinkle my entire wardrobe I still can’t but adore my new monster coat. isolated-heros-coat

As my longing last year for the multicoloured monster coats at Meadham Kirchhoff did not lose lustre, I chanced upon an alternative version this summer on ASOS marketplace by Isolated Heroes, a Dundee based label started by Samantha McEwen…”Isolated Heroes is an optimistic clothing brand that causes wearers to escape to a hyper – realistic dystopian world. We empower wearers, transforming them into a surrealist, avant-garde tribe of future primitives” –


When I wear this fluffy monster coat I feel that I should be offering free hugs as I walk around London. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window I have to refrain from wrapping my arms around myself there and then. Alas, this coat does seem to attract quite a few perplexed stares but I like to hope they’re looks of admiration for my fashion-bravery. Nevertheless, a good 1 in 10 do smile warmly as I pass (admittedly they’re mostly children under the age of 5, but who’s counting). So I feel that this cuddly coat provides a service to the occasional zoned out commuter and fatigued tourist, by bringing a bit of gaiety to their day and a touch of jest to the Autumnal sobriety.


Make of it what you will, but I love my pink fluffy monster coat lots and lots and I think I’m even going to have to make myself a sign for free hugs or just start offering them anyway.


Coat Isolated Heroes Shoes Miu Miu Hat Bernstock Speirs Jeans and T-shirt Topshop Clutch Bag Prada


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  1. Even though it’s way too hot in Australia right now, your pink coat still made me smile (and I’m well over five years old). You look great!

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