Pom Pom Power


We are currently witnessing a renaissance of the arts crafts movement and a return to making things by hand, with respect for materials and processes. As more and more people are seeing the merits of buying bespoke handmade products over cheap mass-produced generic alternatives, fashion is following suit with lots of indie designers choosing to carve out their niche through specialising in craft techniques. The pom pom tank top in the “hand-crafted” (#nophotoshop) collages was knitted by the wonderful Niu Yun and her brand Mad Hands.


“Mad hands” is an indie design brand in Shanghai China. we focus on hand craft art, including clothing, home decoration, and everything made by our hands. Against Chinese mass production, made in China could be also be respectful!”



Pom Pom Shoesies LK Bennett

collage1 collage5 collage6

Oh and if anyone is looking to have a go for themselves then there are plenty “Stitch ‘n Bitch” clubs popping up all over the place.  http://stitchnbitch.org


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