Park Rebel


Magpies keep flying into the shop windows at Manoush trying to bag some of the sparkly, pom-pom laden, colourful booty within. I, on the other hand, to the envy of all the on looking magpies entered the treasure trove through the gold handled doorway to secure the most amazing trainers ever. And since the weather has been so delightful recently I decided to finally take my awesome kicks for a spin and go and play in the park.

park rebel12 park rebel5 park-rebel3 park rebel1 park rebel10 park rrebl7 park-rebel2 park-rebel6 park rebel11

Trainers: Manoush

Unfortunately Manoush don’t have a boutique in London but if you do happen to find yourself in Paris then you must visit one of their many boutiques around the city. They’re a haven for all things that get alexinwonderland all gay and giddy! Or an easier way to experience all the frivolity and fun of Manoush is to visit their equally fantastic website


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  1. Your blog is awesome!!!! Saw it off Tinder, would love to get a coffee and go sketch in London! Hope to hear from you.


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